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Charlie...(Simon G.)

Hi Everybody,

My name is Charlie - I was taken from the forest and my mother, and placed in a cage as a pet in Corozal District. About five months ago, out of nowhere, appeared weird new people, among them was a big, hairy giant. They had all sorts of things with them, including some sort of big white net and a big box. They came toward me, captured me with their net and put me in the box. After that, everything became dark, that's how it felt for the second time, to be taken prisoner. And then, for several minutes, my world started to move and to tremble. When it finally stopped, I could see light again, and nothing was the same.

Fast enough, I ended up in a huge cage filled with big branches. In another cage right next to mine were five black, furry, beasties that looked a lot like me. I thought they were prisoners of the giant, like me. What was strange though, is that every day, the giant and others just as tall, brought us bowls full of banana and papaya. Sometimes they even let us play with them. But me, no. I didn't trust them and I preferred to keep my distance. I could see that the others really liked them. So much that two of them, Ritchie and Fern, lost a lot of weight when one of the giants stopped showing up. Poor them. They really looked miserable. Fortunately, the carer came back and they are now eating well and both returning to normal. But me, still alone, I wanted to go see and play with them. And that's exactly what happened, well, almost happened. One day, as they came to give us bananas, yes more bananas (they don't seem to understand that I don't really like those), they left the way to the others open, so I could go and have fun with them. But leaving the forest when I was very young, I never really learned how to climb trees so I had to stay on the ground. Because of that, they had to put me back in my cage where I was alone, once again. Although, something good came out of it. Every day, that girl with the golden hair, the one they all called Keiley, came and stayed with me to keep me company. But for all the good that it has done, I was still devastated when my five friends were taken away to a place full of big trees. If only I could climb like them. I am pretty sure that those big iguana lizards are better climbers than I am. I still got a little lucky though. They finally decided to move me into a cage close to them.

Now I am to lose something again. I am not deaf, I hear them talking you know. They keep on saying that this giant who’s been taking care of me for the past two months, Simon I believe, has left. I even heard that they wanted to throw him in a lagoon as a leaving present. I don't what kind of ritual that is but I sure don't want them to do that to me when I leave, if I ever do leave.

Well, here I am, in this new pre-release, still alone and still unable to climb – but learning fast. If I learn fast enough, maybe I can join them in June, when they move back into the forest and live free.

Note from the author:

- Yep, just like Charlie said, I am leaving the Wildtracks crew. Two months already and I could swear that it's only been two weeks. Time goes so fast when you take care of small monsters that run, climb on you and think your nose is weird. Here I could learn so much about these animals that most people of this world would rarely, if ever, see. Well, this was my last entry in this blog and I hope that you like my stories. Thanks to the readers and to any supporters of Wildtracks and of any similar organizations. Just remember that without you and your generous donations, there would be no future in the wild for these monkeys.

Published by: Zoe Walker at 2013-04-08 12:55:34   [Link to this article]

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