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Nursery Monkeys (Ben talks about Peanut)


As the smallest male in the current nursery group Peanut has a lot to prove. He also has the most to say! He isn't shy about sharing his feelings and is far and away the most vocal of the troop. While chopping fruit at each of the 4 daily feeds it's common to hear Peanut shout as he wrestles with and gets chased by his best friend Sam and the rest of the gang. His friends sometimes talk back but Peanut usually dominates the conversation.

During each feed Peanut will kindly remind you that he still exists and really loves milk by doing the patented Peanut plea. The other larger males, Sam and Elliot, choose to take action instead of making noise and often use their size advantage to push the other monkeys out of the way during syringe feeding. As a result, Peanut has adopted a defensive and noisy strategy of perching inside the corner of a cage and moaning until it's his turn for milk. After slowly drinking his hard earned milk he usually ends up with a small dribble of milk down his chin. When the fruit and browse are brought into the nursery Peanut can usually be found on the floor picking up the fruit and leaves dropped by his friends.

The nursery monkeys are transported to outdoor playtime by climbing aboard one of the nursery volunteers. Peanut's friendship with Sam is such that Peanut often won't climb onto a volunteer unless they already have Sam perched on their arm. Once Peanut finally hops aboard after groaning for a while, he usually rides directly beside Sam and has been known to place his arm over Sam's shoulder or sit on Sam's back.

Peanut is also a brave adventurer. When the nursery group goes for outdoor cage playtime, Peanut is generally one of the first to hop off and explore the far reaches of the play zone before the rest of the pack gets moving. His adorable climbing and swinging skills have earned him the nickname "Indiana Jones" during outdoor playtime.

Each of the nursery monkeys have unique personalities and behaviours. It is a joy to watch them interact and grow up together. Keep reading the blog to learn about the rest of the troop and to watch their progress!


Published by: Zoe Walker at 2013-04-30 17:10:55   [Link to this article]

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