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Nursery Monkeys (Brylee talks about Ty, the new arrival)


Hi everyone, my name is Ty.

I’m a young howler monkey and one of the newest members of the Wildtracks family. Before I came to Wildtracks I was being kept illegally as a pet. Luckily for me some wonderful person realised that monkeys should be wild and with other monkeys instead of living with humans and handed me over. Now I get to be rehabilitated and one day I and some other monkey friends (my troop) will be released into the wild. That’s a long journey however and I’m right at the beginning of it. I don’t remember much about my life before Wildtracks but I know that when I arrived I was feeling pretty unwell. The people here tell me I had ‘giardia’. I don’t really know what that means but I know it gives me a yucky feeling in my tummy. It also means that I have to be by myself in “quarantine” for a while. Apparently this is so that I don’t make any other monkeys sick which I guess is a good thing – I definitely don’t want anyone else to feel like this. It’s a bit lonely in quarantine though, especially when I know that there’s a group of other howlers around my age and I really want to play with them. Apparently once I feel better I will get to meet them, if everything goes well they will become my troop and we will grow up together – I can’t wait!

I have made one friend in quarantine, a human friend. She’s the only person who is allowed to visit me and I’m pretty sure I’m the only monkey she’s allowed to visit until I’m better. At first I was a bit wary of her, people and monkeys aren’t really supposed to be friends. But she kept bringing me yummy fruit and leaves and milk that I really love. When she came she would make happy monkey faces and noises like she wanted to play with me. After a little while I let her get a bit closer to me and eventually we started playing. Now I can’t wait for her to come and play with me – it’s so much fun! My favourite game is the surprise attack, it is where I run up onto my perch and jump on her head. If I’m super fast and sneaky I manage to get right onto her, and then I have a few seconds to chew her hair before she gets me off. If you haven’t tried chewing hair I really recommend it. If she does spot me in time she catches me and tickles me which I also love so I’m happy when that happens too.

Like all young howlers I also love to chew, and my person friend is my favourite thing to chew. I’ve learnt that apparently people don’t like to have their hair chewed (strange creatures) but I can usually get away with hands, ankles and my favourite - backs of knees. I’m still learning the difference between playing and ‘too hard’ but I’m getting better at this. I really like playing with my person friend but it isn’t as good as playing with other monkeys. I hope that soon I’ll be able to do that. Unfortunately I’ve been in quarantine a bit longer than everyone thought I would be because I had a bit of a reaction to my medicine at first but that’s sorted itself out and now it’s a countdown until I’m all better! These strange people keep taking away my poop, apparently it will tell them when I’m well enough to leave quarantine. I don’t really understand this – it’s never said anything to me but I guess they know what they’re doing.

Soon enough I’ll be out of quarantine, I’ll say goodbye to my person friend and I’ll get to meet my new troop. I wonder if they like playing surprise attack…


Published by: Zoe Walker at 2013-05-03 13:12:51   [Link to this article]

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