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Crazy Little Nikki - a surprise package from Forest Department (Lea and Sarah)


Hi! My name is Little Nikki; I’m a capuchin monkey staying here at Wildtracks. There are thought to be no other monkeys like me here in Belize, and they think I was smuggled in and kept as a pet illegally. I’m not sure where exactly I’m from - I could be from somewhere such as Honduras or Guatemala, or I could have been born in captivity. Since no one knows, I was taken by Forest Department and now get to be a permanent resident here at Wildtracks!

When I arrived I was very well taken care of. The humans kept saying I had hookworm, I’m not exactly sure what that means but it didn’t sound good. I was kept in quarantine for a month and wasn’t allowed to have any visitors except for my caretaker. But, now I am all clear of worms I get to meet lots of new friends.

My primary caretakers are Lea and Sarah. They feed me and play with me everyday, and I love them! I have a few different monkey neighbors in quarantine that aren’t like me. I try to talk to them but none of them seem to understand what I’m saying, which is really frustrating.

Sarah and Lea feed me four times a day, I usually get a mixture of fruit like bananas, papayas, and melons. Sometimes when I’m feeling really cheeky I like to dump it all over the ground or smush it all over Sarah and Lea. I love to get treats; people really seem to enjoy catching me some creepy crawlies and feeding them to me. My favorites are moths, flies, and grasshopper but cockroaches and other big bugs scare me.

The best part of the day is when my humans come and play with me. I get to jump and climb all over them. My humans and I always have grooming sessions, they let me lay on their arms while they pick through my hair looking for fleas and other things. I of course return the favor and get up on their shoulders and pick through their hair as well.

I have an awesome cage that I live in; it’s full of branches, palm leaves, rope swing, and a hammock. Lea and Sarah also bring me lots of stuff to play with. Lea brought me frozen fruit once - I was a little unsure about it at first because it felt weird and it was really cold. I did like sticking my head in the cup and licking out the juices though. Sarah gave me a stick with peanut butter in it. I think I was supposed to use the little holes to get it out but instead I just broke it open. The peanut butter was really tasty but sticky and I got it all over myself. If I’m lucky they will give me a lime, which I love to bite and smash! I rub it all over myself and it makes me smell so delicious.

I’m a cute little monkey with a lot of energy and a big personality. I love spending my days bouncing about my cage, playing with new toys, and lounging in my hammock. Now that Wildtracks is my new home I can’t wait to meet new friends and be spoiled rotten.


Published by: Zoe Walker at 2013-06-08 09:27:12   [Link to this article]

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