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Hi! My name is Suri and I am a 6-month-old black howler monkey making my temporary home in the Wildtracks nursery unit. I arrived at the rehab center almost two months ago via a very long and bumpy car ride from San Ignacio. I can’t remember exactly how I got separated from my mom and the rest of my monkey family, my troop I think it’s called, but I sure am glad that I ended up in a safe place like Wildtracks instead of being mistreated as someone’s house pet.

The first few weeks in my new home were a little rough. I had a horrible tummy ache and I really missed my mom so I wasn’t very happy with any of the people trying to take care of me. Especially Paige, the one they told me would be my new mom for a little while. I got upset very easily and threw temper tantrums just like a toddler. Every time they put me down I tried to make a break for it, but I was never quite fast enough; someone was always there holding onto my tail, which I didn’t particularly like at the time. Now I am thankful that they never let me escape, because I am loving life, making the most of my time in the rehab program here at Wildtracks.

Two quick months have gone by, and I feel like a completely different monkey. I was a bit underweight when I came in, and now I am not embarrassed to say that I am a little on the chunky side; there’s “more to love”, as I like to put it.

I’m always up for a play with any of my friends, monkey and human alike. For the first month Paige and I were pretty much on our own, in something they keep calling quarantine; but now that my tummy is feeling all better and I’m fit as a fiddle, I get to play with all of the other baby monkeys in the nursery. Everyday I have awesome play dates with Jessie (my best friend), Bean, Chippa, and the newest member of our crew, JW. I’m so excited to have other monkey friends, that sometimes I get a little too boisterous for the others, who are all younger than me, but we are learning to play together well. I can’t wait until one day when we all get to live together and spend our days playing, eating, and napping like a real troop in the forest.


Published by: Zoe Walker at 2013-09-05 18:13:46   [Link to this article]

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