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Hobbes the howler - a new arrival (an insight into the first days by Yvette)


Hi, I'm Yvette.

I have been caring for our most recent quarantine howler monkey, Hobbes. He is 7 months old and is being cared for in the Nursery Unit at Wildtracks. Hobbes was being displayed by his owners to tourists for profit. A tourist couple, seeing how scared he was, notified the authorities, and he was confiscated. He is now being rehabilitated here at Wildtracks.

This young howler came in underweight, malnourished, and depressed. During the first 3 days, little Hobbes would cower at the back of his cage, and barely allow me to stroke his back. A few days later I began to gain his trust and he began to play - trust between carers and baby monkeys in the Nursery Unit is one of the core goals at Wildtracks, as without this, the monkeys won't develop the confidence to integrate well into the Nursery group. One day, he became comfortable enough to completely walk out of his cage and explore. Words cannot describe the joy that fills my heart as I see him become a happier monkey day after day... Eagerly drinking his milk, eating delicious leaves and fruits, and tugging my hair.

In the future, once his quarantine period is over, we will be integrating Hobbes with the other nursery monkeys so that they can thrive as a strong troop, ready to live in the wild once again!


Published by: Zoe Walker at 2013-12-12 12:26:31   [Link to this article]

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