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A step closer to life in the wild...Little Bean's group move on


In the past few months Bean’s group (a.k.a. the ‘big babies’) have made huge progress in their journey towards release – they have moved from their forest cage enclosure to the wilderness of the pre-pre-release enclosure!

A few days after moving them across to the cage inside pre-pre-release, we opened the doors and let them explore the trees and hone their climbing skills. Some monkeys adapted slightly faster than others – as expected, Suri and Jessie were instantly at home high up in the trees and were so happy they had no intention of coming back down any time soon. On the other hand, Hobbes needed a little more practice in the trees, and was slightly disheartened after falling out a number of times, and so retreated back towards the cage. However after a few short days of practice, his climbing improved immensely and he too decided that he never wanted to come back into the cage (unless milk was on offer of course). J.W. and Bean followed suit, and shortly they were all sleeping outside in the trees, finally looking like real monkeys!

The transition into the pre-pre-release enclosure is a huge step for Bean’s group, as it is allowing them to practice crucial skills necessary for survival in the wild – climbing, foraging and sticking together as a troupe. Additionally, they are getting weaned off of attention from their human caregivers, encouraging them to focus on interacting with each other and to spend more time higher up in the canopy. This is fortunately not a hard task, because as they grow older and more independent they are naturally much less interested in humans, so the decreasing attention is mutual.

This major learning curve has never been more important for Bean’s group, as they are scheduled for release in Fireburn in just ten months, and with continued practice they should hopefully be as prepared as possible for life in the wild!


Published by: Zoe Walker at 2015-08-15 08:08:51   [Link to this article]

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