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Beth and Ty...moving on. Contributed by Molly


In June each year, those Wildtracks howler monkeys that are considered ready are released into Fireburn Reserve. Not all are fully prepared, however, and Wildtracks makes a policy of not pushing monkeys faster through the rehabilitation process than they are ready to go. This happened to two of our rehabilitation monkeys this year - Beth and Ty.

After Spartacus, Sam, Peanut, Elliot and the others left for their release in June, we were able to move Beth and Ty into a Pre-Release enclosure. In no time at all they flourished and grew in confidence and skills. Ty, who came in as an infant ex-pet, has grown into a large dominant male who is willing to stand up to anything that he feels is a danger to his troop. Beth, the quieter of the two, was rescued from a bar, where she was tied to the bar itself. She came in terrified, with bad rope burns around her stomach from the harness she wore. She has now settled in well, becoming very brave and has been enjoying exploring her new surroundings. They have done extremely well in pre-release as a pair: sticking together, finding food, and staying high up in the tree canopies.

As they have been doing so well over the past few months, the decision was confirmed - there would be a special release this year for Beth and Ty, rather than holding them back for the 2016 release. On Friday morning this week Wildtracks was able to successfully move Beth and Ty to their release cage in Fireburn reserve. The word from the Fireburn tracking team is that they are adjusting very well to their new surroundings.

We wish them both the very best as they spend the weekend in their release cage getting used to the new sights, smells and sounds, and hope that the skills they have gained in the past few months in pre-release will help them through a successful release when their doors are finally opened on Monday morning.

The coconut marking their allocated browse has now joined those of the other released monkeys in the 'released monkey' line-up. Good luck Beth and Ty!


Published by: Zoe Walker at 2015-09-14 19:00:43   [Link to this article]

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